My daughter just knew she liked music when she first started with you. Through your extremely patient tuition, this has been harnessed and channelled. It’s a standing joke with my father that we are an unmusical family. It’s lovely to know that this ‘curse’ is being broken. My daughter knows she is good at music because she now has the grades – it’s official! This makes her feel good about herself, which increases her self-esteem. She always looks forward to her lessons. Prising her away from the TV at 8.45am each Saturday is never a battle! One of the highlights for her has to be getting into the final of the ‘St. Dunstan’s Got Talent’ competition. I suspect some of her classmates and teachers just saw her as a sweet child. To be able to blow their socks off by singing ‘The Snowman’ just like on TV gave her a real sense of ‘told you so’! Mary Burstow, Cheam

Both of my children feel that their musical skills have developed tremendously, including their sight reading, their musical theory and their increasing breadth of musical knowledge. They have benefited from

understanding the importance of practice, and being given clear and attainable targets. We are very happy with their progress. They both enjoy their lessons and they always have a positive attitude. This must be a reflection of the way you teach them. Dr Alan Jones, Cheam

Paul is a very good piano teacher – he makes my lessons fun, and the pieces easy to learn and remember. He is always in a good, jolly mood and engaged in whatever I am doing. I would recommend Paul to anybody that wants to learn piano without any hassle. Max, Grade 3

My children have been having singing lessons from Paul for nearly a year, and I can truly say that they are enjoying it and their singing has improved impressively. Mrs S Senanayake

Recent comments from examiners about my pupils

Well done on this excellent result. Your singing was vibrant and expressive.

A merit at Grade 1. Well done Kishan.

Some very enjoyable and musical playing. A splendid result and well done!

You explored lovely sonorities and caught the dreamy mood well.